LeLan: Healthcare Innovation Consultants

Access • Engagement • Clarity • Understanding


LeLan is a unique social enterprise established to help healthcare innovators navigate the NHS and public health systems in the UK.

We can help you to increase the social value of your business by cost-effectively and responsibly placing your services in the hands of those people who can benefit the most from your technology.


Our bespoke service focuses on four domains:


The NHS is changing rapidly and we believe that its future lies in constructive partnerships between the public sector and socially-responsible businesses, underpinned by user-focused innovations.

At LeLan we're passionate about placing the key stakeholders at the very heart of healthcare innovation design and we believe in encouraging citizens to take an active role in managing their health and their personal data.

From our extensive history of navigating the health and social care systems, we can help you identify and access the appropriate partners, buyers, funders and users to optimally promote your technology into the personalised healthcare market and facilitate its adoption and spread across the NHS ecosystem.


At LeLan we pride ourselves on being able to communicate with stakeholders from all sectors and at all levels. Our goal is to promote interoperability and translational research by facilitating broad engagement with your healthcare technology projects.

From over a decade working with healthcare organisations across UK and EU, we have developed an extensive network of contacts, a thorough understanding of public policy, and diverse experience in healthcare research and innovation.

We will connect with your target user-base to conduct focus groups and surveys, help foster cross-sector collaborations that help your business grow, and put you in direct contact with the people who have the most to gain from your products.


Communication is critical.

Our speciality is in identifying ways to effortlessly convey complex healthcare information to both professionals and non-specialists alike. We are committed to assisting you in creating or updating the documentation and messaging needed to best-suit a range of different audiences.

We always strive to provide optimal clarity in our communications both with you and when discussing your organisation / product with stakeholders, allowing us to act as your ideal liaison.


Your healthcare product is so much more than technology - it has the potential to be an end-to-end service delivered by a range of stakeholders.

To ensure that your supply chain is fully informed and able to understand your unique product, we can help to promote it through tailored messaging, bespoke documentation, representation at conferences and trade events, and by providing ongoing training, advice and support.


We have worked with a range of clients and partners, including:



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