Welcome to LeLan

  LeLan is a unique social enterprise that can help you navigate the NHS and public health systems in the UK.

We will connect you to the partners, buyers, funders and users necessary to effectively deliver your digital products to the growing personalised healthcare market.

Our aim is to facilitate engagement with your public health technology projects and to assist you in promoting interoperability and translational research by identifying and maintaining unique collaborations. Our speciality is in conveying complex healthcare information to professionals and non-specialist audiences alike, acting as your perfect liaison. 

We will help you to 
increase the social value of your business by cost-effectively and responsibly placing your services in the hands of those people who can benefit the most from your innovations.


Our mandate is based on the following four pillars - we aim to provide services that:

1. Facilitate access
helping you to identify your critical markets, key stakeholders and best funding options

2. Optimise engagement 
connecting with your user-base, conducting focus groups and surveys, and fostering cross-sector collaborations

3. Promote clarity
communicating complex information to non-specialist stakeholders

4. Maximise understanding
presenting your product clearly and concisely by providing ongoing support, training and advice


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