Welcome to LeLan Solutions

What We Do    •    Who We Are

  LeLan Solutions is a unique social enterprise that provides bespoke communication and engagement services to a variety of clients. 

We specialise in conveying complex healthcare information to non-specialist audiences, aiming to both facilitate public engagement with science and technology projects and assist in translational research by acting as an effective liaison between collaborating partners.

We help clients to 
increase the social value of their data in a cost-effective and responsible fashion.


Our mandate is based on the following four pillars - we aim to provide services that:

1. Facilitate engagement 
communicating complex information to non-specialist stakeholders and fostering cross-sector collaborations / translational research

2. Optimise access
helping partners to identify their key stakeholders, critical datasets and tailoring reports / interfaces accordingly

3. Promote clarity
interpreting, refining and accurately presenting data

4. Maximise understanding
through ongoing support, training and advice


  We offer a dynamic and bespoke range of solutions, tailored to your specific needs. 

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